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Children’s Connections Inc.

Children’s Connections, Inc. is a licensed child placing agency. We work with families anywhere in the United States for child placement and embryo matching. 

For Texas families looking to adopt–in addition to child placement and embryo matching–we can also provide home study reports and post-placement services for domestic infant, international, out-of-state foster care, step-parent, grandparent/relative and embryo adoption. These services are also offerend for other agencies with families in Texas.

For pregnant woman throughout Texas looking to place their child for adoption or if they just need help finding resources in their community, we have staff ready to assist them face to face.

We work with registered licensed family child care providers in West Texas who provide quality nutirition to children by helping with menu planning ideas and by providing nutrition education classes.

For any of the above services, give us a call! We would be happy to answer your questions.

Embryo Adoptive Families Needed for These Embryos!

We currently have embryo donors with diverse ethnicities who are participating in our Embryo Adoption Program, and who are looking for similar embryo adopting parents with specific ethnicities.

Half African American/half Caucasian embryos: The donor couple seeks fair skinned African American family or an African American/Caucasian couple, preferable with a green eyed Ior light-eyed) partner; college educated couple, preferably who attended an IVY-league school, six-digit annual income; flexible on openness level.

Full Indian embryos: The donor couple seeks a heterosexual Indian couple; financially stable; family prefers the ability for the child to be able to contact donor when older or for the adopting family to contact donor when desired.

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