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Children’s Connections, Inc.

(CCI) believes that adoption should be available to all who are willing and capable of providing a child with a loving, nurturing home and that finances should not keep committed parents from building their families through adoption.

CCI does not charge any Inquiry, Application, Networking, Facilitation or Coordination fees.

CCI Adoption Consultation Services

Now There is Help to Get You Through the Adoption Maze!

You could pay $75 to $100 per hour for the services of an adoption consultant. This could add as much as $1,500 or more to your adoption costs! However, at Children’s Connections, Inc. you won’t pay for telephone adoption consultations to help you assess your needs, develop an action plan for your adoption, and that assists you in implementing your plan. Instead, you’ll only pay for the specific services that are provided to you – home studies, post adoption services, and birth parent counseling sessions.

Why are our telephone consultation services available to you at no charge? It’s simple. We want to help you be successful in bringing your child home, and we hope to be a small part of this process!

Regardless of where you are in the adoption process, we can help you know what to expect and to make the best choices for your family as you proceed. We are available at every step of your adoption journey to answer questions, provide you with resources and referrals and to further educate you on adoption issues, even after your child is in your home.  See below for a complete list of services offered.  Think of us as your personal tour guide on your adoption journey.

Call soon so we can help you on your adoption journey!

CCI provides the following services:

  • Connecting Hearts domestic infant adoption program placing children in all 50 states
  • Crystal Angels embryo adoption program for genetic parents donating embryos & embryo adoptive parents throughout the U.S.
  • Home studies for all types of adoption (Texas families only)
  • Post placement/post adoption services for all types of adoption (Texas families only)
  • Information on all types of adoption & the adoption process & how to adopt in Texas.

We help Texas Familes with:

  • Information on financing adoptions
  • Resource & Referral information for all types of adoptions
  • Referrals to Texas adoption attorneys
  • Referrals to adoptive parents who have adopted in a similar manner
  • Referrals for domestic placements in other states
  • Referrals to support groups & other adoption services
  • Seminars & other adoption education opportunities
  • Birth parent counseling for independent adoptions

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