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“It was so nice to speak with you, and I really appreciate you taking the time to talk in detail about your program.  I’ve spoken to numerous agencies hoping to find the best fit, and I would love to move forward with you!  It was particularly nice to understand how you manage single applicants, and I feel like I will have wonderful support. Also, I loved hearing your advice regarding adoption profile books!”
-Adoptive Parent, Sherrie
“You are fabulous to work with. And, your colleagues are a joy to talk with on the phone. My husband and I feel very blessed to be working with such an upstanding adoption agency.”
-Adoptive Parent, Amy
 “About a year ago, my husband and I made the decision to grow our family through adoption.  After careful consideration, we decided to work with Children’s Connections.  In a few months we had all our paperwork complete, homestudy complete and became a waiting family at the end of July 2011. Even though we are still waiting for our match, we can say that we have been very happy with staff at Children’s Connections.  Debora has made herself available anytime we needed to talk, whether it was to spruce up our profile, discuss a potential match or to vent about the stress of waiting.  We are so appreciative of the support we have through the adoption process as we wait for a child to find their way to us.”
-Adoptive Parent, Hope
 “Children’s Connection’s assisted my husband and I in October of 2011, with our international home study for Russia. Throughout the entire process, CCI has been helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable.  The social worker who visited our home was very kind and understanding.  The CCI staff is super friendly and super fast at getting paper work sent out!  My husband and I would highly recommend Children’s Connection’s to any family considering adoption. They truly are a wonderful company committed to creating families.”
– Adoptive parent, Vivianna
“Where do I begin?  Our adoption journey was quite bumpy.  After three failed matches, my husband and I were ready to give up.  We had already walked away from one agency and a LOT of money because we felt like they didn’t have our best interests at heart.  Children’s Connections had their hands full in dealing with us.  Debora impressed me immediately because, as the President and CEO of the company, I knew she was busy, yet she made herself readily available.  She was quick to respond to emails and phone calls.  We also worked quite a lot with Jennifer.  I’m sure she rolled her eyes at some of my emails, yet always showed us patience and grace.  After our third failed match, the entire staff showed such care for our feelings.  It really touched us.
Just three short weeks after the last failed match, we got a phone call.  God had worked out our miracle.  I just happened to be standing in Dallas-Fort Worth airport (we live in KY), and our baby was a short hour and a half away.  Jennifer was in the same town and was able to be with us during the whole waiting period and signing process.  Children’s Connections helped to restore some of the faith I had lost in people throughout our adoption journey and helped to create our forever family.  We are so thankful for them and the part they played in our story.”  
Adoptive parent, Ashley

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