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Baby in urgent need of a home!

UPDATE 3/14/2017 His echocardiogram and abdominal scan are reported to be normal. We were told that discharge probably wouldn’t happen for 2 weeks due to him needing to be able to take regular full feedings each day. The hospital staff anticipates needing to watch him and make […]

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We’re Cancer Friendly in Adoptions!

CCI is designated as a Cancer-Friendly Adoption Agency by the Oncofertility Consortium at North Western University. We work with parents who have experienced a cancer history. As with all adoptive parents, we will request your doctor’s report on your health status. As is the case with all […]

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Teratogens & Adoption

A teratogen (pronounced tuh-RAT-uh-jen) is any substance that can harm an unborn human fetus (baby) when used during pregnancy. A few examples of teratogens are alcohol, smoking, street drugs, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and some environmental agents. Infections, vaccines, herbal products, and occupational exposure to chemicals are […]

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His Forever Family!

Remember the sweet little boy we were helping to find his forever home and family? flobridge payday loans Well, on June 11, 2013 it was made official! Ben found his forever family! No Faxing Online Payday Loans We celebrated his placement in the office with a party! […]

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Trying to Decide How to Adopt??

Do you think adoption is out of your reach? Do you worry that your adoption plan will never go through?  Do you feel your adoption options may be running out with the close of Russian adoptions or due to a limited budget? Embryo adoption might be the […]

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Adoption Touches Lives

My name is Tamara Urbanczyk.  I am a licensed social worker, and I work for Children’s Connections, Inc., as a Child, Family, and Adoption Specialist.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write this article for National Adoption Awareness Month.  By writing this article, my hope […]

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#GivingTuesday Donations

Would you like to make a contribution for #GivingTuesday? Give us a call at 800-456-4862 to make a payment by credit card or you can mail your donation to: Children’s Connections 2514 82nd Street, Suite G, Lubbock, TX 79423 payday loans online low interest We really appreciate your […]

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Waiting for a Happy Ending

Here is a story of a family currently working with Children’s Connections; anxiously awaiting the day they get to complete their family. Our hope is that their expereinces will touch your life as you begin your adoption journey. The wait is all worth it. Waiting for Our […]

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Embryo Adoption

Many people have heard about adoption for many years, however, folks may be both intrigued and confused by the concept of embryo adoption. Although embryo adoption is handled in a manner similar to other types of adoptions, there are some differences. The obvious one is that genetic […]

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See Our Ad

Look for our adoption ad in Adoptive Families Magazine, Adoption Guide,  and USA Today Guide to Kids’ Health! unpaid balance most  

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