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Trying to Decide How to Adopt??

Do you think adoption is out of your reach? Do you worry that your adoption plan will never go through?  Do you feel your adoption options may be running out with the close of Russian adoptions or due to a limited budget? Embryo adoption might be the right choice for you. As Texas’ only full-service embryo adoption agency, Children’s Connections’ Crystal Angels program currently has families waiting to place their frozen embryos with you. We have more donor families placing their embryos for adoption than we have families waiting to adopt them. The wait time for an embryo adoption to be completed is in months, not years. Either you or your surrogate carry your child during pregnancy, providing the healthiest prenatal development possible for your baby. Embryo adoption can be both affordable and accessible.

Do you need surrogacy assistance? No problem! If you need a surrogate, we’ll refer you to a leading surrogacy agency. If you have a friend or family member who is willing to be your surrogate, even better. We’ll refer you to a leading fertility law attorney to establish a valid surrogacy contract between you.

Join us on Thursday, January 24th at 6:00pm CST for a Director’s Chat on Adoption Embryos. You’ll talk, via teleconference, with Children’s Connections’ Adoption Director, Debora Phillips, LBSW-IPR, CFLE, LCCA, LCPPA, as she discusses adopting embryos through our Crystal Angels program. Make plans to join us and register today by emailing or by calling us at 800-456-4862. We’d love to help you build your family through embryo adoption!

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Embryo Adoptive Families Needed for These Embryos!

We currently have embryo donors with diverse ethnicities who are participating in our Embryo Adoption Program, and who are looking for similar embryo adopting parents with specific ethnicities.

Half African American/half Caucasian embryos: The donor couple seeks fair skinned African American family or an African American/Caucasian couple, preferable with a green eyed Ior light-eyed) partner; college educated couple, preferably who attended an IVY-league school, six-digit annual income; flexible on openness level.

Full Indian embryos: The donor couple seeks a heterosexual Indian couple; financially stable; family prefers the ability for the child to be able to contact donor when older or for the adopting family to contact donor when desired.

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