Keeping your children safe and sound on Black Friday

Keeping your children safe and sound on Black Friday

The following are some tips for keeping your children safe and sound on Black Friday.

o Don’t Leave Your Kids in The Car
There’s no guarantee that your child is safe in a busy parking lot. So even if it’s about running just for a minute, take your kids along.

o Have a shopping partner
It’s a big help to bring a shopping partner along. It can be anyone you know who cares about your children. Your best bet would be your spouse, a family member, or a friend. If you have a nanny, that would work too.

o Bring Snacks
Bring some snacks with you it will be convenient when food courts in the malls are flooded with customers on Black Friday. Also carry snacks with you in the car to snack on when you are shopping around.
o Don’t Talk to Strangers: Inform your children to not talk to strangers. In a crowded place, a predator can easily slip away with a child. Remind your kids not to leave your side and stay aware of your surroundings.

o Carry a Snapshot
Before you start your day use your phone to capture your child’s image before entering a crowded place. That way if anything were to happen, you could show the photo to law enforcement to help locate your child faster!