Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling with little ones can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. We have put together a few holiday travel tips and tricks that we learned to make traveling easier, whether you are flying or driving to your destination.

#1 – Think “Easy to Pack and Carry Along”

When you are choosing what to bring along, remember space is limited and staying organized is a must. We recommend packing a bag or backpack for each child that will fit all of their travel day activities and snacks together in one place. If your children are old enough, they enjoy having the responsibility of carrying their own backpack too!

#2 – Keep your little ones busy!

Holiday Travel Tips

We have all learned that a busy child, makes for a happy parent. Bring activities that are easy to fit into their bag or backpack. It is easy to pack a few drawing tablets and crayons without taking up too much space. Sticker books are also a great way to entertain a child.

If your little ones enjoy watching cartoons, it is easy to load the entertainment through Amazon Prime or Netflix onto tablets, both have the option to download video content with your basic subscriptions. If you are not members of either service, the good part is they offer free trials, just remember to cancel them before they start charging you. Don’t forget to bring child safe headphones along.

Don’t forget to bring your child’s favorite toys!

#3 – Snacks and Drinks Are A Must

Kids love to eat finger foods and this is a great way to keep them happy.  We have found that packing bento lunch boxes full of healthy snacks like dried bananas, fresh cut up fruit, raisins, and other snacks with low sugar are huge successes.

For drinks, pack their favorite cup or bottles pre-filled with their favorite drinks. If your child is still consuming formula, get the travel bottles of pre-mixed formula or single serve formula packets, plus a case of bottled water (if you are driving).

#4 – Favorite Stuffed Animal or Blanket

Keep these handy. If a child gets scared on a flight or becomes tired, it can provide an extra sense of security, love, and something to cuddle with. These also help by keeping a sense of comfort while traveling away from home.

#5 – Extra Clothes, Burp Towels, Blanket, and Diapers

Bring extras because you never know what could happen along the way. Remember to pack detergent for any laundry you will have and extra diapers. You just never know what could and will happen with small children.

#6 – Plan Your Trip and Stops Ahead of Time

If you are in for a long drive, it is best to plan ahead for your breaks. You will want to find stops that will provide clean bathrooms and a place for your children to stretch their legs. Plan on taking a 30 minute break every 2.5 hours of driving. If not, your children may get fussy.

#7 – Think About Sleeping Arrangements Ahead of Time

Think about where your children will be sleeping. If your little one is in a crib, a play pen can be a great option and does not take up too much space. Most hotels have play pens available, it is best to inquire about them when making a reservation. For older children, a great trick is to bring blow up mattresses, especially now they make kid sized ones.

We hope these holiday travel tips make your journey this season much more pleasant!