Adoptive Parent Photobook or Profile: What to Include

Adoptive Family Photo Book

Article from Creatingafamily.org and interview of Children’s Connections by Dawn Davenport

Since expectant parents generally choose their adoptive parent(s) based on information and pictures provided in a photobook (also called a Parent Profile), it seems prudent to provide some feedback on what you should include and even things to exclude from your photobook/profile. Photobooks or adoptive parent profiles play a very important part in the adoption process since they are your introduction to the expectant parents. This is your greatest marketing tool! It’s important that expectant parents see you as a mature, responsible person/couple who will love and provide a stable home for their child while being able to have fun.

The focus of your photo book should be you and your spouse since the expectant parent wants to get to know you to determine if they feel comfortable with you as the parent of their child.

This brings us to another important aspect of your photobook – make sure you refer to the baby as the expectant parent’s baby. The expectant parent very much views this baby as theirs. To refer to the baby as your baby before they have been placed in your home is offensive to many expectant parents.

Adoptive Parent Photobook

Adoptive Parent Profile/Photobook: What Not to Do

You want to paint a real picture of yourself, but there are better ways to do this.

  • Including silly pictures or ones where you “appear” to be having fun are oftentimes not appealing to expectant parents.
  • Some adoptive parents have created themed photo books (i.e. Disney, Star Wars) and generally, expectant parents do not respond well to those.
  • If you are already a parent, you will, of course, include information and pictures of your child or children, but don’t overdo it since you don’t want to leave the impression that you will not care for a new child as much as the ones you are already parenting.
  • If you are a grandparent, you will include this information but you may not want your grandchild to be the focus on your profile.

It’s best to simply focus on how you will love and provide a good life for the expectant parent’s child.

Although this is not meant to be an all-inclusive description of how to develop your photobook, hopefully, it has given you some tips and ideas for getting started. The thing that is most important to remember is that there are as many reasons why expectant parents choose adoptive parents as there are expectant parents. There is an expectant family out there that will be a perfect match for you!

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