What to Expect in Your First Phone Call with an Expectant Birth Parent

Call with Expectant Birth Mother

Article from Creatingafamily.org and interview of Children’s Connections by Dawn Davenport

It’s important for you to be prepared for your first telephone call with an expectant birth parent since this sometimes influences their decision to match with you. As we have probably all heard, first impressions are lasting impressions. While it is an important time, it’s also a time you need to be able to relax and be yourself. After all, the expectant parent(s) want to get to know you, and it’s only natural that you ALL will be a bit nervous (okay, really nervous).

Sometimes this first phone call can be a very emotional time for you and the expectant birth parent(s). Questions they may ask are why you want to become parents and what kind of life you will provide for the child. They sometimes want to know what kind of family life the child will have with your immediate and extended families. They are often interested in what kind of education you are prepared to provide for the child’s future. Many may even ask about your parenting style and the techniques you use for discipline and may go as far as asking you to describe why you would make a good parent.

Be prepared ahead of time.

You will want to decide the level of openness you are willing to have with the expectant family and be ready for those kinds of questions as well. If you are planning on open adoption often the birth parent will want to know how you will keep in contact with them, schedule visits, and even want to know how open you are to having some of their other family members (like the child’s biological grandparents) being involved in the child’s life.

There are some expectant parents who want to know your religion and the values you plan on passing down to the child. There may even be questions about your career and how much time you spend away from home. Expectant parents want to know how much time you plan on investing in their child’s life. We encourage you to be open, honest, and reassure them to ask questions so they can get to know you!

As you make plans to start this exciting process always keep in mind there is an expectant family that is looking for you to start or add to your family! ~ By Children’s Connection’s Adoption Team

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