The Crystal Angels Embryo Process

Embryo donation and receiving are miracles in the working. For those that have gone through IVF therapy, had their desired number of children, do not want to destroy the remaining embryos, donating offers is a wonderful choice that helps other families grow. For those that are unable to create viable embryos, or cannot afford IVF therapy, receiving frozen embryos from a donor family are blessed by the opportunity to go through pregnancy, child birth, and parenthood.  Thus why we created Crystal Angels.

Woman pregnant from donated embryo

A little history of lab assisted embryos. In vitro studies began way back in the 1890’s and throughout the next century the process evolved into a viable solution for infertility. In 1978, the first baby was created through in vitro fertilization in England and in 1983 the first pregnancy from a frozen embryo was successfully completed. In 1986, the first successful transfer of frozen embryos being placed in a non-genetic recipient occurred. Since then, the process of IVF and frozen embryo implantation have been improving with higher success rates of pregnancy.

Currently there are over 600,000 embryos in storage across the United States. Of the over 600,000 embryos, approximately 51% of families want to preserve the embryos for later use, 21% want to donate their embryos to research, and 7% want to donate their embryos to another family. Roughly 42,000 embryos are available to be transferred to a new family right now in the United States.

Human embryo donated to another couple

Children’s Connections has been a pioneer with working with donor and recipient families since 2005 and were one of the first 3 embryo programs in the nation. We understand how important and special each embryo is for donating families and the amazing joy the embryos can bring to a family who wants to have a child. Our processes have been fine tuned to help both sides be successful.

The steps of receiving an embryo are as follows:  

  1. Inquiry – You will receive detailed information about the Crystal Angels program.
  2. Entry into the program – Embryo recipients submit their Service Initiation Agreement with initial payment of the agency fee to begin the home study process.
  3. Orientation – You will have an in-depth discussion with the Crystal Angels program coordinator about the next steps in the process.
  4. Home Study – Once all home study paperwork is received, you will have an in-home visit with an embryo specialist. If you live outside of Texas, we will work with you to find a qualified home study provider (you will be responsible for any fees they charge).
  5. Complete Profiles and Letters – You will complete a profile book with your pictures and a letter about yourselves to share with donors during the matching phase.
  6. Profile Book and Letters Presented to Genetic Donors – Your profile book is presented to genetic donors that are a good match based on mutual desires.
  7. Match with Genetic Donors – A match occurs when donors and you agree to proceed with a transfer plan.
  8. Embryo Transfer – The transfer of the donated embryos is handled under contract law. Once you make the final payment of the agency fee, CCI facilitates the execution of legal documents. Once all formal documents are signed, the legal rights to the embryos are transferred to you.
  9. Post-Embryo Transfer Support – You will maintain in contact with the agency, informing CCI about embryo transfers, the results of transfers, and the birth of child(ren) resulting from those transfers. We want to celebrate with you, along with keeping everyone informed of your progress.
  10. Post-Birth Support – CCI provides post-birth support and supervision, which includes one face-to-face visit in the home and monthly contact for six months following the birth of any child(ren).

Children’s Connections wants you to be successful with your embryo goals and we will be with you from start to finish. To learn more about Crystal Angels, please contact us below.

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