Hot Cars are Deadly for Kids: Be Aware!

The sad fact is that anyone can accidentally leave a child behind in a car seat. A closed car can become an oven inside even on warm days. In a matter of only 10 minutes the temperature inside a car can rise 20 degrees. On a 60-degree day, the inside can rise to 110 degrees! Heat stroke begins when your core temperature reaches 104 degrees. Hot cars can become deadly fast. Can you imagine how hot a car can become in the Texas summer?

Hot kids are deadly for kids

As the temperatures rise outside, you must be more vigilant and start creating habits to protect your children from being left in a hot car. 

We have researched and developed a list of ways to help protect your children.

  1. Look before you lock! Every time you park, open the back doors and trunk to make sure your vehicle is empty.
  2. Place your child’s car seat in the center of the back seat as a visual reminder.
  3. Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat when your child is not with you. When the child is with you, place the stuffed animal in the front seat next to you.
  4. Place your purse, gym bag, or briefcase in the back seat next to or in front of the car seat.
  5. Place the diaper bag next to you in the front seat as a reminder.
  6. If someone else is driving your child, call to ensure they arrived.
  7. Lock your vehicle every time after you check it.
  8. Be extra alert if your schedule changes.
Hot cars are deadly for kids
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Be aware of other vehicles you park near and if you see a child left behind, take action.

  1. Call 911
  2. Get attention and help from others in the area.
  3. Get the child out of the car.
  4. If child is unresponsive, spray with cool water.
  5. If possible, get child into air conditioned environment until help arrives.
  6. Have someone look for the parent(s).

Not all children are left in a vehicle, in fact 26% of injuries or death are caused by children playing in vehicles.

  1. Do not allow children to play in vehicles unattended.
  2. After ensuring your vehicle is empty, lock it every time.
  3. Keep car keys out of reach of children.
  4. If your child is missing, first check your pool if you have one, then check your vehicle completely.

Hot cars can be deadly, but by creating habits and being watchful, we can help save lives.

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