Plan Ahead for Leaving the Hospital with Your Newborn

Leaving the hospital with your newborn is a wonderful day, but one that also needs planning ahead of time. Before even going to the hospital, you will want to take classes, gather essentials, and pack your baby hospital bag. We have compiled a list of recommendations to think about and to help you plan for the big day.

leaving the hospital with your newborn takes planning
  • Baby Care Classes – If you are a new parent, or have not cared for an infant in a while, you should take a class on newborn and baby care. The courses are offered by local hospitals and usually cost only a few dollars. In many locations throughout Texas Children’s Connections can help for free. This is a great opportunity to learn, or be refreshed, on topics such as:
    • Understanding Normal Newborn Characteristics
    • Bathing, diapering, burping, holding and swaddling
    • Infant soothing techniques
    • Infant safety and nursery equipment
    • How to know when to call the pediatrician
  • CPR for Babies – CPR and first aid training are necessary precautions whenever you have children in your home. In Lubbock, Children’s Connections will be providing these classes for free in October and November. The American Red Cross and other organizations offer specialty training.
leaving the hospital with your newborn takes planning
  • Read and Research – Read about newborn care as much as you can. Great topics to learn more about include tummy time, baby milestones, first weeks at home, and proper sleeping positions and environment.
  • Pediatrician – Speak to your friends, family, and co-workers about pediatricians they recommend. Next, call the offices and speak to them about availability, procedures, and insurance acceptance. Once you have chosen a provider, sign up in advance as a patient. Keep their office informed as you get closer to the delivery date as you will need appointments soon after bringing your child home.
  • Car Seat – Installing a car seat properly can be very difficult at first, thus practicing can make a huge difference. Most cities have a car seat program that will help you install your car seat properly. We recommend asking for their help before your child arrives. Having a car seat with a separate base in each of your cars is a great choice too as you only have to install it once. Your car seat can easily lock and unlock from the base for convenient use and you can purchase a second base for another car.
  • Baby Bag with Essentials – Get your baby’s bag ready to bring to the hospital in advance. We recommend bringing the following:
    • Diaper Bag – Use your diaper bag. This is a great way to prep for your future outings too!
    • Baby Clothes – Bring two sets of going home clothing. You never know when an accident will happen. Also, remember to wash the clothes in sensitive skin laundry detergent before packing them.
    • Diapers and Wipes – Bring a handful of diapers and a container of wipes, plus a small blanket you can use as a changing pad.  
    • Diaper Rash Ointment – Bring a new tube, especially if you are having a boy and he will be circumcised.
    • Burp Rags – These are very helpful when feeding your baby and then protecting your clothes when burping your child. You will need several while at the hospital.

      Clothes for newborn trip home
    • Baby Blanket – Nice to have with you in case the hospital is cold and to place over the car seat to protect from germs when going through the hospital or protecting your child from heat or cold.
    • Receiving Blankets – These are smaller lightweight blankets that are nice to have when burping your child and protecting your clothing.
    • 2 Pacifiers – If you plan on bottle feeding your child, it is nice to have pacifiers available. Make sure they are sanitized before use. If you plan to breastfeed, pacifiers aren’t recommended.  
    • Plastic Diaper Bags – Disposable diaper bags for used diapers are a must.
    • Car Seat – Don’t forget to bring a car seat! You can’t leave the hospital without one!
    • 2 Baby Bottles – Do your research and ask your friends which ones they prefer and why. Make sure they are sanitized before packing. You’ll need a lot more bottles at home of course!
    • $1 Bills – Bring a few handfuls of $1 bills for the vending machines for snacks and drinks.  
    • Cell Phone – Bring your charger too!
leaving the hospital with your newborn takes planning

Leaving the hospital and bringing your newborn home is a special day that you will remember forever! If you have more ideas and tips to add to this article, please reach out to us here.

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