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Adoption Experience and Testimonials from Families Just Like Yours

Children’s Connections loves to hear from our previous adopting families. We hope you enjoy and learn from their adoption experience. If you have a testimonial you would like to share, please reach out. Thank you again to all of our wonderful families! 

Our Adoption Experience

The Adoption Story of Elizabeth and Morgan

Elizabeth and Morgan adopted their beautiful daughter through Children’s Connections in 2018. The following is an interview about their adoption experience, their tips to others thinking about adopting, and some happy news they wanted to share.

Why did you choose to adopt?

Morgan and I chose to adopt because I was told at a young age that I could not have kids.  Another big factor is that I am adopted and have had a wonderful experience with my birth family.

How was the whole process?

I don’t want to sugarcoat things and say it was easy.  The process was long and hard.  The waiting was incredibly hard to see that there were new moms, new babies that we thought we fit the criteria for only to not be picked. Paperwork was also hard.  Making sure the right forms are filled out, notarized and sent back on time, if not early to make sure they were in the right hands at the right time.  I can say now that it has been hard, but more rewarding than I ever could have even imagined.

How long did you think about adopting before you decided to contact an agency?

Morgan and I thought about adoption for several years before finally contacting CCI.

What have you learned and would like others to know before they get started?

We knew this would be challenging… but challenging is not even on the radar of how this process can be.  It gets tough to see the end will be worth it sometimes… but it will be, I promise.

What was the hardest part?  

Waiting!   Wow was that tough.  Just knowing there is a mom and a baby and you might not get that baby and then time passes and you keep hoping only to be crushed.  It will happen several times, sometimes even phone interviews will happen and you’re crushed again.  It is incredibly important to just keep your head up.

What was the most amazing part?

Meeting the birth mom and building a relationship while we waited, knowing that we were/are forever bonded in such a way so few understand – and of course – the day you get to hold your baby for the first time or are referred to as mom and dad… no experience can even come close to being as amazing as that is.

Would you recommend others adopt?

Since I am also adopted, I think adoption is amazing and everyone should at least give it a chance if they are pregnant and don’t know what to do or if you’re a couple like we are… that cannot have kids of your own… it’s a great thing.

Anything else you would like to share with others?

This will be a roller coaster no matter your situation.  There will be times you are on cloud 9 and times you are ready to call and quit the process, lots of laughs and lots of tears but it is so worth it.  I know, I know… everyone says that and you start out by rolling your eyes and hoping they are right.  But… when it does happen… all of the down times and tears are totally forgotten and there is such an amazing gift and joy that you will not be able to contain.

Tips you would like to share?  

Be patient. (WAY easier said than done) Be kind… Remember the agency does this all the time… they have your back.  Try and relax and enjoy the process, even the challenges, because those will become part of your story.  Don’t lose the faith.

Would you recommend Children’s Connections?

I think the kinks in the system are finally worked out and people are in the right places now.  I have seen great improvement in levels of communication in the past months! So, yes, I would recommend CCI… especially because Leanne and Debora have been great to work with, and LaVorick has made a great difference to us.

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