Adoption Home Study and Post Placement Services

Your Adoption Journey starts with a Great Home Study!

Adoption Home Study and Post Placement Services

Adoption Home Study Information

Children’s Connections is one of the largest providers of adoption home study and post placement services in Texas. In other words, we have Adoption Specialists spread out across Texas ready to serve you in your home.

If you are adopting through an agency other than Children’s Connections Inc. (CCI), we can still conduct your domestic or international adoption home study and post placement services. Most importantly, we will work closely with your agency to meet their requirements. 

Texas home study and post placement reports are completed promptly. Therefore, your report will be completed approximately 30 days from when your paperwork is turned in. In addition, a home study must be updated every 12 months, or after a major life change in the adoptive family.

Adoption Home Study and Post Placement Services For:

  • Domestic infant
  • Domestic older child
  • International
  • Step-parent
  • Relative/Grandparent
  • Embryo

Our Adoption Home Study and Post Placement Services Include:

  • Adoptive parent training sessions
  • Facilitation and coordination with your post placement agency for no additional fee
  • Qualified staff members with years of home study and adoption experience
  • Home visits to help you prepare your home for a new child
  • Your review of the home study report prior to sending it out to other agencies
  • Child care referrals to home and center based child care facilities
  • Information on child development and parenting at all stages of development
  • Assistance in finalizing your adoption or in recognizing your international adoption in Texas courts
  • In addition, we will provide you with support throughout your journey

The Adoption Home Study: Preparing and Surviving

Starting on your adoption home study may seem overwhelming! It’s common to think that your home and your lives must be “picture perfect” in order to “pass” a home study. The purpose of the home study is to document your background and home life. Rather than seeking to “inspect” you and your home, your adoption social worker is there to help you think through the process of adding a child to your household. He or she will want to help you be successful throughout your home study and adoption!

Preparing for Your Home Study

When you first start thinking about adoption most people face a mixture of emotions–excitement, confusion, and fear. And one of the most fearful parts of adoption is the adoption home study. Please follow the link below to visit Creating a Family’s website and helpful information on the home study process. click here

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does a home study take to complete by CCI?

Answer: Reports are completed approximately 30 days from when the family’s paperwork is turned in. Unless of course, CCI is waiting on out of state, or out of country background checks, or there are other circumstances beyond our control. If needed, a family may pay an expediting fee if they wish to have the study completed in less than 30 days.

What if I have a criminal history? Does this mean I won’t be approved to adopt?

Answer: Misdemeanors committed in the past for which there is a believable explanation, or where rehabilitation can be shown, do not keep parents from adopting a child. More serious and more recent criminal charges are issues that need to be discussed in more detail with a CCI Adoption Coordinator. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Does my house need to be “spotless” for my home study?

Answer: You do not need to clean your house from top to bottom! A certain level of cleanliness is expected, but “lived in” family clutter showing you have an ordinary household is expected. The bottom line, we are there to make sure you have a safe place to raise a child.

Getting home ready for home study

Home Verifications for Surrogacy or Child Custody Cases

We can help eliminate your worst Texas surrogacy nightmare!

Are you concerned your surrogate may not live in a smoke, drug and violence free home? In turn, our home visits and background checks help assess the safety of a surrogate’s home environment during her pregnancy. Above all, we want to help give you some peace of mind!

Home Safety Verification Include:

  • Home Visits conducted by qualified, professional staff
  • Criminal history checks for all household members age 14+
  • Child abuse and neglect registry checks for all adult household members
  • Assessment of the safety of home environments

Home Safety Verification reports are used to:

  • Determine child custody cases and visitation plans or alterations
  • Ensure children have appropriate home environments
  • Approve homes for orphan visitation programs

Please contact us to learn more information. We would love to discuss each program in more detail with you and your family.

Family Building Programs We Offer

Children’s Connections is a licensed child-placing agency in Texas. We work with birth parents, genetic embryo donors and adoptive parents. We conduct infant and older child adoptions, along with embryo transfers that best meet the needs of all individuals involved.