Child Nutrition Program

We work with Day Care Homes who provide child care to children in their homes.

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Children's Connections provides Day Care participants nutrition education and support. As a USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsor, we encourage licensed and registered in-home child care providers to serve nutritious meals to the children in their care. CCI provides USDA funds to child care providers in this endeavor. Child care providers who participate in this program receive a monthly reimbursement for  the number of meals served.

Benefits of working with Children's Connections:

  • Menu Reporting

    • Attendance and meals are recorded each week.
    • Providers are supplied with easy-to-use handwritten menus that guide providers on what is necessary for the required meal patterns.
    • Providers can also choose to log their menus online using - and online portal for easy menu logging.


  • Calls to Providers About Serious Mistakes on Menus

    • Menus are reviewed monthly and if we see an issue, we call anyone who has a major error that will cost them over $10 on their reimbursement. We give them the option to correct the mistake whenever possible.


  • Friendly, Flexible Staff

    • Our staff is committed to making this process as easy as possible for you. If at ay point during your menu reporting you need assistance, our staff is happy to walk you through the process until you are comfortable.
    • We do not look at monitoring as an opportunity to catch you doing something wrong. Take comfort in knowing we are here to help you.


  • Nutrition education that is easy to obtain

    • We offer nutrition education opportunities in on-site workshops, tele-seminars and webinars.

      Receive training credit necessary for licensing! 

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