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Crisis Hotline: 800.456.4862
Available 24/7 for crisis pregnancy or sexual assault
survivors (pregnant or parenting a child under 3)

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Children’s Connections, Inc. enhances the lives of children, youth, adults and families through education, support, resources and referrals. We provide an array of programs including infant adoption, pregnancy support, child care referrals, child care nutrition assistance, and parenting education and support services in communities throughout Texas and the United States. We pride ourselves as being a place that will support you with your parenting needs and decisions. Children's Connections is not going to judge you, but instead offer a helping hand. Please contact Children's Connections for any of the needs below or to be added to our newsletter list.

We have staff spread out across the state of Texas ready to help!

  • Unplanned Pregnancy Support
  • Older Child Adoption
  • Infant Adoption
  • Parenting Skills and Education
  • Navy & Air Force Children Special Needs Respite
  • Home Study Services
  • Embryo Donation and Adoption
  • Child Care Resources
  • Child Care Nutrition Programs
  • Crime Victims Assistance
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