Crystal Angels Embryo Adoption

Crystal Angels Embryo Program

Children's Connections Embryo Adoption Program, known as "Crystal Angels," is a multi-faceted program. Crystal Angels consists of all necessary elements of embryo adoption. CCI works extensively with the genetic and adopting parents, each who gives a priceless gift to the other.

Embryo Adoption

  • IVF, Egg Donation or other procedures too costly? Embryo Adoption is an option! Adopt fertilized embryos ready for transfer. Give birth to your adopted child through the Crystal Angels embryo adoption program!
  • Since you have experienced fertility struggles, you may be considering options such as adoption. As you come to terms with parenting a child who is not genetically related to you, this new type of adoption might be the right choice for you.
  • Medical advances in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) have helped many couples achieve their desires to have children. Often, those couples complete their families only to have embryos that remain in storage.
  • There are 600,000+ embryos in frozen storage in the United States. Now these donor parents can choose to give their embryos opportunity for life through embryo adoption.
  • This program allows embryo donor parents to place their remaining embryos with adopting parents who transfer the frozen embryos to the adopting mother’s or a surrogate’s uterus in hopes of giving life to these Crystal Angels.
  • Embryo adoption benefits everyone involved!
  • Fertilized embryos have an opportunity to experience the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Embryo donor parents may participate in selecting adoptive parents for their genetic embryos and are able to help another couple become parents

Our Crystal Angels program will provide all necessary elements of Embryo Adoption. Our Specialists will:

  • Conduct donor and adopting parent intake, screening and counseling
  • Provide phone and email consultations for donor and adopting parents
  • Make counseling referrals for donor and adopting parents, if requested
  • Perform donor and adopting parent matching, assisting both parties in selecting a family
  • Review the embryo adoption placement and relinquishment agreement and obtain signatures from all parties
  • Facilitate consent and release forms required by donor and adopting parents’ clinics prior to transporting the embryos
  • Coordinate shipping the embryos from the donor parents’ clinic to the adopting parents’ clinic
  • Provide post-adoption support for donor and adopting parents
Embryo Donor and Embryo Adopter

Crystal Angels Matching Process

Crystal Angels uses a mutual selection matching process. Genetic and adopting families provide Children's Connections with their specific criteria, then Children's Connections matches the two families.

Genetic families can have preferences for the adoptive family on qualities including age, length of marriage, number of children in the household, income, work, childcare plans, prior marriages, ethnicity, family type, living location, religion, sexual orientation and openness of adoptive relationship.

When an adopting family matches the criteria of a donor, their family profile is sent to the genetic family for consideration and/or selection. If the adopting family is selected by the genetic family, the genetic family's profile and medical information are sent to the adopting family for final consideration.

Once both parties have decided on a match, the process will move forward to the transfer of the embryos.

Embryos Ready to Be Matched



African American






Open to many adopting families

3 Male embryos

Heterosexual married couple

Heterosexual married couple

Hispanic couple

Open to any adopting family types

Open to any adopting family types

Open to any adopting family types

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of embryo adoption?
  • Adopting parents have the chance to experience pregnancy and the delivery of their child.
  • Prospective parents who are carriers of genetic disorders can have children who will not inherit these disorders.
  • Parents know the location of their child(ren)’s siblings.
  • Parents receive the Health, Social, Education & Genetic History of the donating family.
What are the risks of embryo adoption?

Despite complete medical readiness of the adopting mother to receive the embryo(s) and the extensive testing done to determine the health of the embryo(s), the greatest risk to embryo adoption is that there can be no guarantee of a successful pregnancy.

What is openness in adoption?

Openness in adoption is defined as contact between the genetic parents and the adopting parents and is on a continuum ranging from closed to open adoption. Most of our embryo adoptions fall in the range of semi-open, where letters and pictures are shared on a consistent basis throughout the years.

Please contact us to learn more information. We would love to discuss each program in more detail with you and your family.

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