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Crystal Angels Embryo Donation

Children's Connections Embryo Donation Program, known as "Crystal Angels," is a multi-faceted program. Crystal Angels consists of all necessary elements of embryo donation and receivership. This program is sometimes referred to as embryo adoption with other groups. CCI works extensively with both genetic and receiving parents, each who gives a priceless gift to the other.

Embryo donation is a lifelong gift to everyone involved!
Give the gift of life to your stored embryos!
Give the gift of parenthood to another family!

If you have finished building your family through in-vitro fertilization or have decided you will not pursue another pregnancy, what will you do with your unused embryos that remain frozen? Have you thought about embryo donation to another family in need?

You have options:

Through CCI’s embryo program, Crystal Angels, you place your embryos for donation, select the receiving parent(s), and give another family the opportunity to receive the wonderful gift of parenthood!

Embryo donation benefits everyone involved!

Embryo Donation to Build Family

Crystal Angels Donor Program will provide all necessary elements of embryo donation.

Level of Contact between Donor and Recipients

One of the most common question, from from both donor and recipient families, is about what type of contact you will have with your matched donor family. Most people enter with fear and misunderstanding about what open relationships mean. Embryo donors do not want to co-parent, but instead are seeking parents for the frozen embryos. Having an open relationship with embryo donors means keeping communication channels open between both your children and their own. Children's Connections staff will work with you and educate you about your choices. We will help you make the decision that is best for you and your growing family.

Contact between the donors and recipients is on a continuum ranging from no contact very open contact. Most of our embryo relationships fall in the range of semi-open, where letters and pictures are shared on a consistent basis throughout the years.

Crystal Angels Embryo Donation Steps

  1. Inquiry – You will receive detailed information about the program from a Crystal Angels program specialist.
  2. Entry into the program – Submit your Service Initiation Agreement with initial payment of the agency fee to begin the home study process. If you live outside of Texas we help you find a reputable home study provider (Cost will be your responsibility).
  3. Orientation – You will have an in-depth discussion with the Crystal Angels Program Coordinator about the next steps in the process.
  4. Home Study - You will turn in all necessary paperwork needed and a home study professional will visit your home.
  5. Complete Profiles and Letters - You will complete a photo book with your pictures and a letter about yourselve(s) to share with donor parents during the matching phase. We will review your book and help provide suggestions too.
  6. Photo Book Presented to Donors - Your profile book is presented to donors that are a good match based on mutual desires.
  7. Match with Donors Parents - A match occurs when donors and you agree to proceed with matching with each other.
  8. Embryo Transfer - Once a match has been made we will facilitate the execution of legal documents. Once all formal documents are signed, the legal rights to the embryos are transferred.
  9. Clinic Communication - We will work with both the donor's clinic and your to arrange for the embryos to be shipped to the clinic of your choice.
  10. Post-Embryo Transfer Support - You will maintain contact with the agency, informing Children's Connections about your embryo transfers, the results of transfers, and the birth of your child(ren) resulting from those transfers. We want to celebrate with you, along with keeping everyone informed of your progress.

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