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Children’s Connections is a licensed child-placing agency in Texas. We work with birth parents, genetic embryo donors and adoptive parents. We conduct infant, child, and embryo adoption that best meet the needs of all individuals involved.

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Children’s Connections works with birth parents in Texas and adoptive parents throughout the United States to create adoption plans that best meet the needs of the individuals involved.

We develop openness plans that are in agreement with the wishes of the birth and adopting families. We encourage openness in adoption since openness leads to more successful outcomes for all parties in the adoption process. However, we understand that some situations and some families may choose varying levels of openness.

Our statewide Adoption Support Center is located in Lubbock, Texas and we have satellite locations throughout the state of Texas. We work with your expectant mother anywhere in Texas and provide local services to help her have a healthy pregnancy.

Children's Connections will handle all details of your adoption process – from your first inquiry until your adoption is finalized – with continued support at every step of your adoption journey!

Think of us as your personal tour guide on your adoption journey!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Children’s Connections, Inc. offers families an alternative to foster adoption in Texas.

There are thousands of available foster children for adoption in other states. As an adoptive family with CCI, you will not need to be a foster family to have these children placed in your home for adoption. Once you have an approved adoptive home study, our Waiting Child Coordinator will be able to fax, email or mail your home study to caseworkers in other states. You will be able to look at adoptable children through different websites and let us know the children for which you would like would like being considered. Most of the children available are over age five and have some special needs.

Many times, the state in which the child resides will provide financial assistance to adoptive families. There is also an adoption tax credit during the year you adopt.

Our Waiting Child Coordinator will make follow up contact with caseworkers about your application. Once a match is made between an adoptive family and a child(ren), our coordinator will be available to coordinate the placement details between the State of Texas and the state in which the foster child resides. You will be assigned an Adoption, Child & Family Specialist to ensure you have the support you need to make the adjustments for a successful placement. You will be supported throughout the entire adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Children's Connections Embryo Adoption Program, known as "Crystal Angels," is a multi-faceted program. Crystal Angels consists of all necessary elements of embryo adoption. CCI works extensively with the genetic and adopting parents, each who gives a priceless gift to the other.

Embryo Adoption

Our Crystal Angels program will provide all necessary elements of Embryo Adoption. Our Specialists will:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Embryo Donation

Our Crystal Angels donor program will provide all necessary elements of Embryo donation. Our Specialists will:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please contact us to learn more information. We would love to discuss each program in more detail with you and your family.

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