Children's Connections

Crisis Hotline: 800.456.4862
Available 24/7 for crisis pregnancy or sexual assault
survivors (pregnant or parenting a child under 3)

Unplanned Pregnancy Support

Are You Pregnant and Not Sure What to Do? We Can Help in a Friendly and Confidential Manner.

You are not alone when you work with Children's Connections!

We provide help for any expectant mother in Texas experiencing a crisis during pregnancy. We can offer financial support for living expenses such as food, clothing, transportation, phone, rent, hygiene, and your children if they live with you during your pregnancy and six weeks beyond.

CCI also will provide support, resources, referrals and counseling, as well as adoption education, if needed. You'll receive help with determining your needs, help developing an adoption plan, and help you to carry out your plan. We help you gain control of your situation and pregnancy. Children's Connections will help you find a job, go back to school, and reach for your life's goals.

Here are a few adoption stories from women who were in the same position as you.

"The emotional stability you have to have to go through with what I am is tremendous. I can't stop crying knowing tomorrow I will be going home without my precious baby girl. But the happiness I feel for my little girl knowing that she will be going home with a wonderful and loving mother who will give her the attention I can not. This will be her only child, so my little girl will have the time and devotion she deserves while I am able to continue to give my children the time and support they need. I know in my heart I could not handle 3. I know it would be too much stress and I couldn't give 3 babies the individual time and attention they need to thrive in life, so yes, I feel as if I am doing the right thing. But in no way is it easy. I can't stop crying. Every time I look at her face knowing my days of seeing her all day are coming to an end. That soon, very soon, I will walk out without her. That she will grow up calling someone else mom. I'm very hurt, very sad, but also very pleased and confident with my choice! Please share to let everyone know that adoption may be the hardest, yet truly one of the best and bravest decisions a woman can make." - D.M. 

Call Now: 800-456-4862
Available 24/7 for crisis pregnancy or sexual assault
survivors (pregnant or parenting a child under 3)

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