Unplanned Pregnancy Choices

What does adoption really mean?

I am thinking about adoption as a choice for my unborn child

I am pregnant, I am not sure I am ready to be a parent, and I am scared. Do I have unplanned pregnancy choices available other than having an abortion or being a parent? I feel like I have no one to speak to about my situation that I can trust. What can I do?s

These are common problems and questions facing women with unplanned pregnancies every day. The good news is you have choices available, someone to speak with that will listen, help when asked, and support your decisions no matter what. Children’s Connections has been helping women just like you with making plans for their future and getting them through the hardest times.

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You have unplanned pregnancy choices available and adoption is a choice that may be right for you. Adopting is one way where you, the mother, can choose the future of your unborn child to have life.

It is okay to have questions and need help making difficult life decisions. You need to decide what is best for you and your child. Adoption is a hard choice to make, but it is putting the needs of your child ahead of yours. Adoptive parents come to us everyday because they either cannot have biological children or they are wanting to expand their families. They do not see an adoptive child anything less than a miracle to them. They will also love you and your choice forever.

When you decide to place your baby for adoption, you will be empowered. You will be able to choose who the parents of your child will be. Also, you will be able to meet them, get to know them, and see in their eyes and heart their admiration and love for you in making this decision to choose them.

You will also be in control of deciding to have an open or closed adoption plan. An open adoption means that there will be continued communication between you and the adoptive family after your child is born. Some mothers have chosen to have face-to-face contact with the adoptive family and get to know each other very well. Others have chosen to just email or share pictures through the mail. This choice is up to you, we will help you either way. 

Children’s Connections will be there to support you through it all, even years after your child is born. The first step in getting help and support is by calling us directly at 1-800-456-4862. We are available 24 hours a day to help.

Your Choices, Your Adoption Plan, Your Adoption Story…

Your unplanned pregnancy story in adoption

One of the hardest parts of creating your adoption plan is picking up the phone to call Children’s Connections. As soon as you speak with one of our amazing adoption coordinators here, you will realize you made the right decision. They will ask you questions about how you are doing and will ask if you have immediate needs for food, shelter, or safety concerns. You are number one with us and we want to be there for you to help.

You will set a time for an adoption specialist to visit you. During the meeting they will get to know you and help you start creating your plan. All conversations will be held in strict confidence and without judgement.

Your adoption specialist will show you photo books for adoptive families from all walks of life that meet your needs. The profile books will showcase each adoptive family and help you see the future life that each can provide. You will be able to set a time to speak to the families before you make your decision, if you desire.

Remember, you are in control!

After you have chosen a family, we will support you as the two of you speak over the phone. This is an important way to get to know your adoptive family on a more personal level. Your adoptive family would love to meet and get to know you better. You will control the amount of openness between you and the adoptive family. Remember, you choose your child’s family!

We promise you will be extremely important to the adoptive family for the rest of their lives. If you choose to have an open relationship with the adoptive family, you will be able to visit and know how your child is doing throughout the years. You will always have an extremely special place in your child’s heart forever.

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