Unplanned Pregnancy Support

We work with pregnant women who are victims of a crime, have medical needs, or are not ready to parent their baby.

We provide help for any expectant mother in Texas experiencing a crisis during pregnancy by providing support, resources, referrals and counseling, as well as adoption education, if needed. You receive help in assessing your needs, help to develop a plan, and help to carry out the plan if it is desired.

Our pregnancy Support services are designed to assist you in making the right parenting or adoption plan for you!

If you are considering placing your child for adoption:

  • We can provide you with information about the adoption process and answer all of your questions.
  • If you want to develop an adoption plan, we will assist you throughout the process.
  • We can provide you with decision-making tools to assist you as you make a very difficult and important decision for you and your baby.

An unplanned pregnancy may seem scary and leave you feeling like you don’t have many options. If you feel unprepared to parent at this time, there is an option that may be right for you: adoption. Making an adoption plan with Children’s Connections, Inc. puts you in control of your baby’s future, as well as your own. You may select the family who will adopt your child and continue to have contact with the family for a lifetime, if you wish. You can still make all decisions about your pregnancy and be in charge of making plans for yourself after your pregnancy is over.

We are here to listen and provide support as you make decisions about what is best for you and your child. We will discuss your concerns in a friendly, non-judgmental, and confidential matter.

As an expectant mother, you may feel ashamed or like you are abandoning your baby. When in reality, placing your child for adoption is a brave act that shows how much you love your child. We understand that your situation is unique and we want you to feel comfortable. Your Adoption, Child and Family Specialist will work with you throughout the entire pregnancy and adoption process.

When you make an adoption plan with Children’s Connections, we can offer:

  • Information on your options to parent or place your baby for adoption
  • Decision-making tools to assist you in making an important decision for you and your child
  • Support throughout every step in your adoption process, as you give the gift of being a parent to someone else
  • Financial assistance for living expenses if you make an adoption plan
  • Counseling
  • Emotional support
  • Medical referrals
  • And much more

Does someone think you are the dad?

  • You may be court ordered to pay child support even if you are not named on the birth certificate
  • If you are married but separated, you’re still legally and financially responsible for any children born to your wife. Even if you are not the biological father
  • You will have a legal and financial connection to the child’s mother for 18 years. Even if you are not married and no longer want a relationship
  • You cannot terminate your parental rights unless the child’s mother agrees
  • If you are asked by the mother to terminate your parental rights, it is 100% your decision, even if you are under 18

What Can You Do?

  • Be supportive of the pregnant mom. She is experiencing physical changes and is likely feeling stressed
  • If you feel prepared, make plans to parent with the baby’s mother
  • Consider if you feel prepared to parent. Think about your goals, finances, time, parenting knowledge, feelings and responsibilities
  • If the expectant mom has ever been a victim of crime or has health risks, call us and we can help
  • Work with us to make an adoption plan and select your own adoptive parents and level of contact, if desired
  • If you feel you are not ready to parent, consider adoption as an option and discuss this with the mom-to-be
  • If you are unsure if you want to parent, call us for assistance in making this important decision
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