Waiting Child Adoption

If 1 family from every 3 churches in America committed to adopt 1 child, there would be 0 children waiting to be adopted in foster care! You can be the difference maker!

Children’s Connections offers families an alternative to foster adoption in Texas

"Waiting Child Adoption" offers families an alternative to the foster-to-adopt system in Texas. Thousands of foster children are available for adoption throughout the United States. Being a part of the Waiting Child Adoption program means you will not need to be a foster family to adopt these children.

There are thousands of children available for adoption through out-of-state foster care programs right now. If you are open to children over the age of five, sibling groups, or children with special needs, you will be able to find a child or children to adopt. One way CCI is different from other agencies is that we plan to be available to families throughout the years. We will help you before and after your adoption is finalized. Our adoption staff can provide monthly case management to ensure that all your family’s needs are being met. The visits do not intend to be a bother to your family, but as another area of ongoing support.

We Will Support You throughout Your Waiting Child Adoption Process

You will be able to look at adoptable children through different state websites. Next, you will let us know which children you would like to be considered for. Once you have an approved adoptive home study, our Waiting Child Coordinator will be able to fax, email or mail your home study to caseworkers in other states. Most of the children available are over age five and/or have some special needs.

Our Waiting Child Coordinator will make follow up contact with caseworkers about your application. Once a match is made between an adoptive family and a child(ren), our coordinator will be available to coordinate the placement details between the State of Texas and the state in which the foster child resides. You will be assigned an Adoption, Child & Family Specialist to ensure you have the support you need to make the adjustments for a successful placement. You will be supported throughout the entire adoption.

Waiting Child is about adopting children in foster care system

Waiting Child Adoption is adoption through the United States Foster Care System outside of Texas

  • Most children available are over age five and have some special needs.
  • Remember, these children were possibly abused and neglected and do not have a real sense of being in a “normal” family.
  • It is important to understand that the adopted child may have needs for ongoing therapy, medication management, and extra support in their school.
  • Children available for adoption are all ages up to 18. Generally, it is very difficult to identify children younger than 4 or 5 years old.
  • Sometimes children will have siblings. In turn, it is a goal to keep the children together whenever possible.
  • The more open and accepting you, the more successful your matching will be.

Waiting Child Adoption Process

1. Home Study - You will start with completing your home study process through Children's Connections.

2. Create Adoption Plan - You will work with Children's Connections to create a waiting child adoption plan.

3. Start Identifying Children - You will work to identify children that match your adoption plan once you have an approved home study. We will provide you resources to find the right match.

4. Submit Home Study - The Waiting Child Coordinator will submit your home study to caseworkers throughout the U.S. for your matches.

5. Determine if Child is Right Fit - Many times, you will receive detailed information about the child, including the entire case file, prior to placement. This will help you determine if the child would be a good fit for your family.

6. Organize Visitation - The Waiting Child Coordinator will help organize your visitation and placement date once your match is made,

7. Travel to State of Child - You will need to be available to travel to the child’s home state prior to the adoptive placement.

8. Post Placement Supervision - Children’s Connections will provide post placement supervision, according to the requirements of the sending state.

9. Finalize the Adoption - You will be eligible to finalize the adoption once the child has been in your home for six months. We will be by your side for years to come.

Many times, the state in which the child resides will provide financial assistance to adoptive families. There is also a federal adoption tax credit available. To learn more about the Federal Adoption Tax Credit: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

I do not have a “traditional” family. Are there restrictions on who can adopt?

Many states are accepting of single parent adoptions as well as non-traditional families.

Is there some financial assistance available to adopt?

There are different loans and grants you can apply for as well as the Adoption Tax Credit and possibly financial incentives through your employer.

Once a child is placed in my home, will I be on my own?

At Children's Connections, we offer support throughout the years.

If I submit my home study for a child(ren) and then find out more about the child(ren) and decide it would not be a good fit for my family, can I back out?

Yes, you may back out at any time before the finalization of the adoption. We encourage you to make that assessment prior to any placement of the child(ren) into your home to minimize adoption disruption for the child(ren).

Please contact us to learn more information. We would love to discuss the program in more detail with you and your family.

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