Connecting Lives. Strengthening Families.

Connecting Lives. Strengthening Families.

Connecting Lives. Strengthening Families.

Our Mission

Children’s Connections, Inc. enhances the lives of children, youth, adults and families through education, support, resources and referrals. We provide an array of programs including adoption, child care, nutrition, parenting, pregnancy support, and youth services in communities throughout Texas and the United States.

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I'm pregnant and I need help.

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I want to adopt.

Parents and baby in a bed


I want to learn more about parenting.

Cute father and son playing together at the park

I need child care

Help me find child care.

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Home Study Services

I need home study services.

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I provide child care

Tell me about your nutrition program.

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Embryo Adoption

I want to receive embryos.

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Respite Care

I need military respite care.

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Embryo Donation

I want to donate embryos.

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