happy family made through adoption

Connecting Lives. Strengthening Families.

father playing with adoptive child

Connecting Lives. Strengthening Families.

Mother with adopted son

Connecting Lives. Strengthening Families.

Sexual assault crime Victim in distress

Connecting Lives. Strengthening Families.

Our Mission

Children’s Connections, Inc. enhances the lives of children, youth, adults and families through education, support, resources and referrals. We provide an array of programs including infant adoption, pregnancy support, crime victims assistance, child care referrals, child care nutrition assistance, and parenting education and support services in communities throughout Texas and the United States. Children’s Connections is a Texas adoption agency working with families throughout the United States.

Unplanned Pregnancy?

Unsure What to Do?

We Will Help and Support You Through It All

You Have Choices

Help is a Call Away

Infant Adoption

Older Child Adoption

Home Study Services

Crime Victims Assistance

Crime Victim Support

I am a victim of a crime and pregnant or mother of a young child 

Embryo Adoption and Donation

Embryo Recipients

I want to become pregnant

Pregnancy Support Services

Pregnancy Support

I want resources, education, and support through my pregnancy

Embryo Donation

Embryo Donors

I want to donate my embryos

Strengthening Families Through Education

Parenting Support

I want resources, education, and support as a parent of a young child

Free Respite Care for Children of Active Duty Military in Texas

Military Respite Care

I need military respite care for my child with special needs

Day Care Nutrition Support

Child Care Nutrition

I am a family childcare provider

Help Me Find Childcare

Child Care Resources

I want help selecting quality child care

“We always wanted to adopt, we always knew that when we decided to start a family we were going to adopt. Making the decision to adopt with CCI was very easy and came natural to us. We just think adoption is a great way to start or to expand your family. We definitely would recommend Children’s Connections. They are great professionals and they know what they are doing.” – Alejandro & Vanesa

“Children’s Connections was amazing to work with and has brought us our wonderful son. Thank You Children’s Connections!” – Ben & LaRena K. 

“This will be a roller coaster no matter your situation.  There will be times you are on cloud 9 and times you are ready to call and quit the process, lots of laughs and lots of tears but it is so worth it.  I know, I know… everyone says that and you start out by rolling your eyes and hoping they are right.  But… when it does happen… all of the down times and tears are totally forgotten and there is such an amazing gift and joy that you will not be able to contain. So, yes, I would recommend CCI… especially because Leanne and Debora have been great to work with, and LaVorick has made a great difference to us.” – Elizabeth & Morgan

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