Home Study and Post Placement Services

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Texas Adoption Home Study and Post Placement Services

Every successful adoption journey starts with a great home study and ends with clear, concise post-placement reports!

We conduct Texas adoption home studies and post placement services for other agencies, and have 28 years of experience preparing adoption reports for all types of adoption, including:

  • Domestic infant
  • Domestic older child/waiting child
  • Out-of-state foster care
  • Step-parent
  • Relative/Grandparent
  • Embryo

International, when families work with a Hague-accredited agency.

Our Adoption Home Study and Post Placement Services Include:

  • Facilitation and coordination with your post placement agency with no additional fee
  • Qualified staff members with over 50 years of home study and adoption experience
  • Your courtesy review of the home study and first post placement reports prior to sending it out to other agencies,
  • Courtesy email distribution of the final reports, to the adoptive family, adoption agencies, and attorneys for 3 months following the completing of the study.
  • Free online adoptive parent training sessions, through our partnership with Creating a Family.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Reports are completed approximately 30 days from when all paperwork is turned in, unless we’re waiting on out-of-state background checks, or there are other circumstances beyond our control like waiting for an employer to send an employment verification. You have an option to pay an expediting fee if you wish to have the study completed in less than 30 days, pending receipt of all paperwork prior to the report being issued.

Misdemeanors committed in the past, when there is a reasonable explanation and rehabilitation is shown, will not keep parents from adopting a child. More serious, and/or more recent criminal charges are issues  that may result in a delay of several years or even a bar from ever being able to adopt a child. These will require further discussion with a CC Adoption Coordinator.

In Texas, our background checks for prospective adoptive parents are run by the state and you will work directly with them to complete their process. They will send you and CC an email stating you are eligible and approve or deny your status.

You do not need to clean your house from top to bottom! A certain level of cleanliness is expected, but “lived in” family clutter showing you have an ordinary household is expected. The bottom line, we are there to make sure you have a safe place to raise a child.

Texas home studies must be updated every 12 months, or sooner if you have a major life change in the adoptive family. A major life change in an adoptive family includes:

  • Marriage, divorce, separation, death, birth, adoption, a move to a new home or any other change in household composition, or
  • A serious health problem that affects the ability of the adoptive parent to care for children.

If a major life change occurs, this isn’t an automatic disqualifier. It just simply means that a home study update must be completed before you may continue to be considered for adoption. If a child has been placed in your home prior to the life change, the updated information may be included in a post placement report instead.