Parenting Support

Are you in Texas and parenting a baby or toddler under the age of 3 years? We here to support you!

We’re committed to supporting parents through education, training, sharing knowledge, and teaching life skills. We are here to help you, plus you give you free gifts, like diapers or clothing items!

Qualifying is simple – you need to:

  • Be a pregnant mom or expecting dad
  • Be a parent of a child or children under 36 months of age
  • Have adopted a child in the last 2 year
  • Be a legal Texas resident

You can live anywhere in Texas since we can provide virtual services by phone or computer. Plus, all Babies2B&Under3s services are always free!!

We’ve been offering family life education and supporting parents since 1987!

Call us at our Lubbock office 806-745-7995 or call the local number in your area and you’ll receive free gifts and services right away! You’ll choose what you want to experience:

  • Confidential pregnancy counseling and support for emotional or stressful situations is available
  • Webinars, scheduled at your convenience, that educate you on prenatal care, childcare, and preparation for breast-feeding and newborn care make it possible for you to earn a pregnancy band/belt, a post-partum band, diapers, maternity clothing and more!
  • Help applying for medical coverage, locating a doctor and scheduling pregnancy tests and sonograms
  • Virtual doula to provide emotional and information support to you and your partner, before, during and shortly after childbirth; in person doulas also provide physical support and are available in many Texas communities
  • Childbirth educators help you become prepared for childbirth through education and support you when your baby’s almost on his or her way!
  • Lactation consultants provide education to help you make feeding decisions for your baby; if you want, you’ll also learn how to get breastfeeding off to a good start; once baby’s here lactation consultants are available for frequent calls and questions to support your breastfeeding
  • Gifts of maternity clothing, snacks, children’s books, accessories, educational materials, wipes and other toiletries, and diapers

All services are provided in a confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere of understanding and support.

Resources and Webinar Services

A Family Specialist refers you to services like these in your local community:

Family specialist information graphic

What are our 1 on 1 webinars like?

  • They’re fun!
  • It will be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for your schedule.
  • You’ll meet 1 on 1 with a CC professional in a video call on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • CC’s professional will share a planned lesson with specific objectives that you both go through together
  • You and your CC worker will watch a video, talk about video, and discuss tips that might work with your child, go through discussion questions and think about how you can apply the information
  • You’ll also discuss handouts and receive these by email so you can save them to refer back to later
  • You’ll learn how to help your child grow and develop while you can earn diapers, clothing and more for each 90-min webinar that you attend!

Educational Resources

Education is offered on a wide variety of topics like these and even more! Tell us what you’d like to learn or what would help your family the most!

education topics graphic

We’re here to listen, ask questions and help you set goals for your family and yourself so you’ll give your child the best start in life. We support you as you make decisions about what is best for you and your child. Together we will discuss your concerns in a friendly, non-judgmental, and confidential matter.

Our Babies2Be&Under3s program is designed to help you make your child’s first 35 months of life a great start for a bright future. Contact us today by filling out the form here or calling 800-456-4862

Always there to care.

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