Services For Dads

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What About Dads?

Is all this pregnancy and parenting stuff just for moms?


Of course not! Dads are very important too!


First, how do you feel about the pregnancy?

Are you excited and can’t wait to be a father or become a father again? Then we have lots of great services and gifts for you!

Our Family Specialists are available to work with fathers through topics specific to them


  • Understand what mom is going through during pregnancy and how to effectively assist her during this process.
  • Learn how to use a car-seat, baby proof your home, and build decision making skills
  • Return to school, enroll in a GED program and plan for college
  • Assistance with creating a resume, locating jobs and budgeting
  • Sleep strategies for new parents to get more sleep
  • Stress management for parenting, family, work, and life, in general
  • And lots more!
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Attend any sessions with your partner or individually if your schedules can’t match up. Attend your own individual virtual childbirth classes with your partner in the privacy of your own home!

Does someone think you’re the dad and you’re not sure how you feel yet? That’s totally understandable and we’re here to help you (and mom!) too!

Questions you may have

  • Can you be court ordered to pay child support even if you are not named on the birth certificate?
  • If you’re married but separated, are you still legally and financially responsible for any children born to your wife even after your separation?
  • Will you still have any legal or financial connection to your child’s mother for the next 18 years, even if you are not married and no longer want a relationship?
  • Can you terminate your parental rights if the child’s mother doesn’t agree?
  • Can you terminate your parental rights without your parents consent if you’re under age 18?

What can you do?

  • Be supportive of the pregnant mom. She is experiencing physical changes and is likely feeling stressed.
  • Consider if you feel prepared to parent. Think about your goals, finances, time, parenting knowledge, feelings and responsibilities.
  • If you feel prepared, make plans to parent with the baby’s mother.
  • If the expectant mom has ever been a victim of crime or has health risks, call us and we can help.
  • If you feel you are not ready to parent, consider adoption as an option and discuss this with the mom-to-be
  • Work with us to make an adoption plan and select adoptive parents from families that are pre-approved and select the level of contact you’d like with adoptive parents, if desired
  • If you are unsure if you want to parent, call us for assistance in making this important decision and get a free adoption education session.

Call us for the important answers to your questions about your specific situation!

We love to support dads and would love to support you, too!