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In addition to Home Studies and Post Placement Serivces, we also provide Home Safety Verifications.

A home safety verification may be used by a surrogacy agency or a Court or County Domestic Relations office.

Home Safety Verifications Include:

  • Home visits conducted by qualified, professional staff with interviewing and assessment skills
  • Family meeting with all residents in the home
  • Description of the home and its visible contents, inside and out, to assess for safety hazards or other physical, emotional or social concerns

Surrogacy Agencies

We can help eliminate your worst Texas surrogacy nightmare! Are you concerned that a potential Texas Surrogate may not live in a smoke, drug and violence free home? Our home visits and interviews help you assess the safety of a surrogate’s home environment during her pregnancy. Above all, Home Safety Verifications give both you and the intended parents some peace of mind!

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Courts and County Relationship Offices

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We help you evaluate the suitability of the home for consideration when making visitation and custody decisions. Our home visits give you a written description of the home and relationships of people living in the household. Household composition is also evaluated during the home visit. Home Safety Verifications let you take a quick look into a potential or current living situation for the child or children being considered.

Parents with Visitation or Custody Cases

If you’ve been asked to get a home safety verification or a home study, please clarify if you need:


  • A full home study that addresses your childhood, family background, years of employment and residence history, criminal background checks, and the like – this is about a 20+ page document written about you and your family like is needed for child adoption OR
  • A home safety verification that addresses your current living situation, including household members, indoor and outdoor spaces – this is a 3-4 page document that helps the court make a determination on the suitability of your home for your child to visit in person


We can conduct either type of report, but there is quite a cost difference. If you’re unsure which type of document you need, please give us a call and we’ll be able to sort out what is needed for your case.

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